About Us  

  In 1985, the chairman, Mr. Huang Zhiming and his wife found the factory as a family business with his wife and established ROYAL FAMILY FOODS CORPORATION in 1986 as a meat production factory at the startup period. They visited all kinds of grocery stores as well as supermarkets everyday with a modicum of success. However, the market demand of meat production started to shrink after about five years due to the emerging of a number of meat manufacturing brands. Since then, the chairman actively sought for the possibility of business transformation. At that time point, a Japanese friends of his visited and gave him a box of mochi that was popular in Japan then. The chairman was surprised by the soft and tasty Japanese mochi that could be stored at room temperature, so he went to Japan with his Japanese friend immediately for the Japanese mochi market and manufacturing technology. With careful deliberations, the chairman resolutely carried out industrial restructuring and started from learning Japanese mochi manufacturing technology with an open mind from the beginning. He was determined to promote Japanese mochi culture and technology with Taiwanese traditional mochi spirit to flourish and market to the whole world. In 1992, the first Japanese mochi machine introduced led the Taiwan mochi manufacturing industry from the traditional pinching all the way to today's specialized manufacturing and towards internationalization.


  You must know a story occurred at the startup period when talking about how a little mochi that used to be sold in traditional markets moved from Taiwan into the international. At that time, the chairman often participated in various overseas exhibitions to promote Taiwan mochi, since the bouncy mochi now widely accepted by people of European and America was very strange to them then. They were even unwilling to give it a try. Fortunately, there were some other European manufacturers in the hall invited the chairman to try some chocolate ice cream, which inspired the chairman to coat mochi with chocolate. He immediately commenced to transform the existing products after returning back form the exhibition to reduce the size of the mochi, pack cotton candy and fresh jam into it and coat with chocolate. This innovation was named "Taiwan Choco Ball" that not only deep set ROYAL FAMILY FOODS CORPORATION in Taiwan but also promoted mochi to the whole world!


  In the 27 years since it was found, ROYAL FAMILY FOODS CORPORATION single-mindedly dedicates to make the most delicious mochi and a variety of pastries with the highest quality every day, namely souvenir products, supermarket products, frozen products and sugar-free products that are appropriated by people with concerns of blood sugar and weight management. Not only the Corporation won all kinds of awards and media interviews constantly, the entire product line even won the international certification of ISO22000 and HACCP. Due to the quality of mochi products and outstanding marketing, the Corporation was requested to set up Taiwan's first mochi theme tourism factory in Taiwan - "Taiwan Mochi Museum" in 2010 by IDB and Industrial Technology Research Institute. Sub-brands of ROYAL FAMILY FOODS CORPORATION include Royal Family, Taiwan Mochi Museum, Sweet Garden and HuLa Mo Chocolate.